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Our passion is to “Leverage IT Governance to drive Business Value”. Being a boutique consultancy, we know that we cannot do this by ourselves. We are constantly reviewing organisations as potential partners. In the spirit of transparency we do receive a commission from some of our partners. We will declare this at the time of engagement, if relevant. The primary objective is for the partner solution to rapidly provides business value.

This would usually exclude the implementation of major software or applications that are in the “business as usual” security or governance area. The criteria for partner selection relates to the solution being a critical best practice governance or IT security control or one that can be easily used as part of our engagements.


Info~Tech Research Group

The Info~Tech Research Group is the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory company.  They produce unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. We chose to be an Info~Tech Research Group partner because of their powerful blueprints, dashboard, diagnostics and reports that are comprehensive and aligned with the COBIT© framework, of which John Halliday is Foundation certified.

We are able to add value to the diagnostic reports through analysis of the raw data and discussion of insights from the Info~Tech Research Group analyst, who are undertaking these diagnostics throughout the world.

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UpGuard provides cybersecurity risk management software (offered as SaaS) that helps organisations prevent data breaches by monitoring their domain and that of third-party vendors, relating to their security posture.


We are able to provide you with security scans for your organisation and that of your 3rd and 4th Party vendors, focusing on Website Security, Email Security, Network Security, Phishing & Malware and Brand & Reputation Risk.

Other Partners

We will be updating our website with other partners.

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