Technology Governance Services (TGS)

TGS assists businesses to drive value from their investment in technology.

Key focus areas include:

• IT Governance …… Maturity assessment and gap analysis against good practice IT Governance frameworks; fast-track efficient benchmarking and diagnostics; align the IT investment with business architecture; set up IT Advisory Committee that provides a review checkpoint for executive management; implement effective executive and board reporting; monitor key IT risks and opportunities.

• Define Risk Appetite …… Apply Monte Carlo techniques and scenario analysis to quantify the economic impact of uncertainty relating to future loss events; assign an economic value to inherent and residual risk and model controls effectiveness; enhance board discussions relating to Enterprise Risk Management, undertake Impact Assessment Modelling using Monte Carlo analysis.

• EthicsGovernance ….. Assist organisations to understand how employees make ethical decisions, implement sound policies and improve reporting to senior management.

• ISO27001 in-house implementation …… forms, documents, templates, policies, for ISO27k (ISMS) and ISO 22301 (BCMS), TGS fast-track gap analysis tool, Project Plan and support with risk assessment.

• CyberGovernance ……. Assessment against good practice frameworks; in house information security training; strategies to combat phishing, social engineering and business email scams; tools to test the veracity of cyber controls.

• Assess effectiveness of core applications …… Undertake efficient and effective interviews with stakeholders and end users, supplemented with a survey to internal users to FastTrack an understanding of Pain Points, lost productivity, and opportunities for improvement.

• Supply Chain Risk Assessment ……. Assess risks associated with supply chain; implement governance accountability processes to monitor the supply chain, assess the need and value of ASAE Assurance engagements.

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Strategic Alliances

TGS  has identified international and local organisations to align with. They deliver best practices and eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. This allows TGS to rapidly deliver outcomes that drive return on investment in Information Technology and business value. TGS receives some form of remuneration from the organisations that it aligns with. The dominant criteria for aligning with an organisation is “Will this drive significant business value from an organisation’s investment in Information Technology?”

TGS has Strategic Alliances with Info~Tech (best practice IT Governance and Management program leveraging COBIT and very efficient diagnostics), eftsure (dramatically reduce the risk of “change of bank account” fraud, ISACA CMMI Institute (world class Cyber Maturity Platform) and Knowbe4 (phishing testing, IT security training).