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Leveraging IT Governance

to drive business value

If you are seeking to enhance your organisation's IT Governance, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. Take a look at my site and see how I can help the CIO to look good to the Executive Leadership Team and the Board.

Meet John Halliday

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John has demonstrated the qualifications, experience and integrity to undertake IT Audits to a consistently high standard. His focus as an IT Governance professional is to assist SMEs, Not For Profits and Local Government Councils to improve their IT Strategy, Governance and Risk posture. This enables these organisations to demonstrate the value that IT can bring to the organisation and how IT can satisfy stakeholder needs and drive business value.

Through leveraging his experience in undertaking hundreds of IT audit and consulting assignments, including 11 years at BDO (Qld), he has innovatively repositioned the role of IT Audit to become a trusted advisor to the CIO / IT Manager, enabling the business and IT to be “on the same page”.

The primary objective is to efficiently and speedily apply modern innovative practices, tools, diagnostics, frameworks and techniques to identify where improvement is required. The aim is not only to drive value from the investment in technology, but also to be ahead of the next audit or potential investigation into a data breach or cyber attack.

He is a Committee member CPA Australia Centre of Excellence, Ethics and Professional Standards and is currently undertaking a Research Masters in Integrated Assurance at CQUniversity.

John brings over thirty years experience and the following Certifications:
• CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)
• CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT)
• COBIT (Foundation Certified in international IT Governance Framework)
• Certified in Project Gateway Reviews (Qld)
• Certified in the IT4IT Value Management framework
• Certified in Applied Business Architecture

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CXO-CIO Alignment Diagnostic

If IT Governance is going to be successful in an organisation, then the Executive Leadership Team (we refer to them as CXOs) and the person responsible for managing IT (e.g. the CIO) need to be “on the same page”.


There are many challenges and impediments to implementing effective IT Governance.  For change to occur, then a no-blame approach is key, with all parties open to feedback and understanding each other's perspective.


By taking this CXO-CIO Alignment diagnostic you will be well on the way to ensuring that IT Governance will indeed drive business value.  Have a look at the service offering and book a one-hour Zoom call if you are serious about taking the next step.

Business Vision Diagnostic

Having taken the first step in ensuring that the Executive Leadership Team and the CIO “on the same page” (refer to our CXO-CIO Alignment diagnostic), you are now in a position to reach out to the greater management team to get their input to how IT is performing.


The Business Value diagnostic seeks the input of those who are interacting with the IT team on a monthly, weekly or, in some cases, almost daily basis. It will provide both the Executive Leadership Team and the CIO and independent, data-driven assessment of what the  internal customers of IT feel about the service provided. It will also identify areas for improvement.


Have a look at the service offering and book a one-hour Zoom call if you are serious about taking the next step.

IT Due Diligence for M&A

Many organisations are unaware of the essential role IT plays prior to executing a merger or acquisition. IT-related activities are usually the largest cost items in an M&A, and when these costs are overlooked or underestimated, it can end up costing organisations millions in additional costs down the road. 


Even if IT is involved early, the time between the Letter of Intent and the signed deal may be as little as three to four weeks.To mitigate M&A risks and create accurate cost estimates, the CIO must be part of the M&A conversation before the deal has closed.

The CXO-CIO Diagnostic provided "both a firm basis for ongoing discussions with the CEO as well as guidance for priorities, and guidance for an action plan."

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