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Business Vision Diagnostic

Image by Scott Graham

The most important goal of any IT department is to ensure that business stakeholders are satisfied.

As part of an organisation’s CIO’s commitment to ensure continually improving satisfaction with the services provided by the IT team, a focused short survey should be sent to the management group that most interact with IT. 

The Executive Leadership Team should undertake a separate CXO-CIO Alignment Diagnostic to ensure that they are “on the same page”. Refer to this service on our website. 

This Business Vision Diagnostic survey will help the CIO to:
-    Understand and baseline the current level of satisfaction with IT services (from those who interact with IT the most) 

  • Provide an objective, independent annual measurement of business satisfaction 

  • Solicit the suggestions for improvements with IT services and projects

  • Identify achievable target satisfaction levels with IT services and projects

  • Demonstrate to the Executive Leadership Team (i.e. the CXOs such as CEO, CFO,

Operations Directors etc) and the Board that proactive and independent strategies are in place to measure business satisfaction with IT services.

The Business Vision survey diagnostic will take about 30 minutes to complete, and will cover the following areas:
•    Overall Satisfaction
•    Business Objectives 
•    IT Importance
•    Infrastructure and Service Desk
•    Core Tools
•    Data Reliability & Analytical Capability
•    IT Work Orders
•    IT Projects
•    IT Capacity
•    Customer-facing Technology
•    IT Innovation Leadership
•    Requirements Gathering
•    IT Security & Policies
•    IT Relationship
•    Additional Comments


This engagement is subject to the approval of Technology Governance Services. It is underpinned by leveraging relevant aspects of an international IT Governance framework. 

The responses to the diagnostic will then be analysed by an experienced IT Governance professional. A debriefing workshop will be held with the Executive Leadership Team and CIO, with an overarching report provided with the key actions and core IT Management and Governance processes that IT need to adopt to address the matters raised in the diagnostic, including resolving Pain Points. This lays the foundation for developing an effective IT Strategy and Governance program.



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