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Cybersecurity Score and Rating

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The Cybersecurity Domain Scan Report provides rapid insight into your organisation’s Cybersecurity posture by combining the highly rated UpGuard and USecure platforms.

These platforms use publicly available information, which is also available to your adversaries.

The following supporting information is also provided as part of a point-in-time report:

* The UpGuard risk report that lists all findings, including IP addresses, severity rating, risk description, Cybersecurity Score (from 0 to 950), Cybersecurity Rating (from A to F) along with the expected Cybersecurity Score if the Critical, High and Medium Controls were remediated (usually achieves a rating of A).

* The UpGuard vendor detailed report, which is a comprehensive PDF that summarises the findings in an easily readable report format.

* The USecure breach report that lists all corporate data breaches identified within your domain on the site, all connected applications and all identified domains.

For an organisation to obtain this level of insight by using the platforms directly would require an investment of around $19k per annum.  Instead, we provide point-in-time reports as follows:

1 Domain: $1,990 pre-GST

4 Domains: $1,490 each pre-GST. $5,960 pre-GST.

10 Domains: $1,290 each pre-GST. $12,900 pre-GST.


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