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CXO - CIO Alignment Diagnostic

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In many organsations IT is not expected to be anything other than a utility, “keeping the lights on” implementing security and maintaining the existing business applications. There is often a disconnect between what is expected of IT and the ability for IT to deliver. 

We refer to the business executive leadership team as CXOs i.e. CEO, CFO, Operations Directors. While many organisations may not have a position of CIO (Chief Information Officer), we use this term to refer to the person responsible for IT. 

It is important for the CXO and CIO to be “on the same page”, to understand the issues and frustrations experienced by the business and IT, and to have a common view on the role of IT. Each needs to understand the others perspective, without blame or criticism, from a mutual and genuine recognition that they need to understand each other’s expectations, frustrations and pain points.

Having a better mutual understanding of the following areas will help to promote cohesion and unlock the value IT can provide:

•    IT Strategic Planning Frequency
•    IT Budget & Staffing Changes expected in the next 3 years
•    Business Priorities
•    Effectiveness of the IT-Business Partnership
•    Project Effectiveness
•    Current & Expected Role of IT
•    IT-Enabled Innovation
•    Appetite for Innovation Technology
•    Core Alignment & Measurement Activities

•    IT Improvement Priorities


IT Governance begins with communication and reflecting on IT performance and maturity level.  Our solution fast-tracks the mutual understanding of the role of IT through a powerful survey based diagnostic health check. This requires about 30 minutes for each Executive to complete and provides the foundation for discussions between the CXO and CIO around IT governance, current IT maturity level, target IT maturity level, funding requirements and perhaps the need for better IT governance. This approach is underpinned by leveraging relevant aspects of an international IT Governance framework. 

The responses to the health check will then be analysed by an experienced IT Governance professional, with an initial report provided to each of the CXOs. A 1-hour web debriefing workshop will then held with the CXOs and CIO, with an overarching report provided with the key actions and core IT Management and Governance processes that IT need to adopt to address the matters raised in the diagnostic, including resolving Pain Points. This lays the foundation for developing an effective IT Governance program. 

This engagement is subject to the approval of Technology Governance Services to conduct. It is the entry-level for this service, which is a fast track to business value i.e. excludes holding a large number of interviews. It can be enhanced to include several debriefing meetings. The steps include:


Step 1: We provide each of the Executive Leadership Team and CIO with the diagnostic survey. Allow 30 minutes to complete.


Step 2: Each of the Executive Leadership Team will receive a report comparing their response to that of the CIO, overlayed with the international IT Governance COBIT© framework, including the Goals Cascade, Pain Points and Process-driven approach.


Step 3: We review the raw data, analyse it and undertake an assessment from the perspective of a highly experienced and qualified IT Governance expert. This includes an IT Governance Red Flag Score (on a scale from 0 to 900).


Step 4: We then provide a 1-hour debriefing meeting to the Executive Leadership Team via Zoom / Teams.


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